Vision to Impact™️ Framework

What is the Vision to Impact™️ Incubator?

Would you believe us if we told you that we could help you re-imagine and re-invigorate your brand to start connecting more meaningfully with your customers, position you as the only option, and put you on the path to massive impact in just 2.5 days?

We’ve taken our decades of industry experience, years of working with hundreds of clients, and research to hone our process over the last several years. We know the framework that gets results for impact driven businesses like yours.

Now, this isn’t a cookie cutter approach where we plug and play a formula into your business-it’s quite the opposite actually. Our method is highly customized to the brand you are building based on the first phase of our framework and allows us to get you results faster than working the traditional agency way.

In a typical agency you’d spend months in the discovery phase, months in the design phase, and months in the development phase. We help you conquer all of that in a 3 day in-person intensive that we call The Vision to Impact™️ Incubator. 

2 weeks before your incubator we have a virtual strategy session so we can gather initial information about your business, create your Vision Manifesto, and start to put together the foundations of your messaging & strategy. Then our team gets to work preparing for your VTI™️ Incubator. 



We welcome you to the location where we will spend the next few days together working on your business. We spend the entire day together in a workshop setting going through our Vision to Impact™️Method where we map out your messaging, customer journey maps and profiles, prioritizing the business goals into tangible next steps, using a matrix to evaluate your goals in the areas of revenue, brand awareness and efficiency, and creating the brand plan that will get you to those goals. We also make recommendations on what we should work on in the next 2 days that will help you get to those goals quickly. 

DAY 2 + 3

We hole up and create as much as possible for you in the course of two days. You are present with us so that you can make decisions based on the strategies we've worked on  Typically in this timeframe we can knock out:

+ full branding suite (logo, logo mark, variation logos)
+ collateral like business cards, social graphics, letterheads, and notecards
+ 5-6 page website with copy
+ SEO optimizing your site
+ 30- day marketing plan calendar

Follow up + support

For 2-weeks after your intensive you will have access to our team for questions, follow-up, and any questions that might pop up. If you need additional support or want to continue working with us in a retainer fashion you'll have access to those options as well. 

We only offer our retainer services to our Incubator clients and it is a way for us to support you long-term as you build out the vision you set on Day 1. 

the vision to impact™️  incubator

all the details


the vision to impact™️  incubator


cast your vision
clarify your messaging
define + understand your audience
map out a cohesive brand plan
craft a visual brand identity that aligns with that plan
build out a 5-6 page website that includes copy
map out a 30-day marketing calendar for your brand.  

Over the course of 3 days we will help you


cast your vision
clarify your messaging
define + understand your audience
map out a cohesive brand plan
craft a visual brand identity that aligns with that plan
build out a 7-8 page website that includes copy
map out a 60-day marketing calendar for your brand.  

Over the course of 3.5 days we will help you

the entrepreneur

cast your vision
clarify your messaging
define + understand your audience
map out a cohesive brand plan
craft a visual brand identity that aligns with that plan
build out a 7-8 page website that includes copy
map out a 90-day marketing calendar for your brand 
visually plan and conduct a brand photoshoot

Over the course of  5 days we will help you

the visionary


Not ready for the  full immersive Incubator experience?   Learn about our Vision to Impact™️ Intensive here.  

Vision to impact™️ intensive

Our 4-hour  virtual intensive allows us to dive into our framework and help you get clear on the foundations that will help you move the needle in your business. During our 4-hour virtual intensive we will dive into :



+ your vision
+ articulate your big idea 
+ clarify your messaging
+ determine your brand positioning 
+ define + understand your audience
+ map out a customer journey map
+ prioritize your business goals  in the areas of revenue, awareness, and efficiency 

Within a week of our intensive you'll receive a  Vision to Impact™️Dossier that includes all of the things we covered. If you decide to move forward with an Incubator your investment from the Intensive will go towards that. 

frequently asked questions

you've got questions, we've got answers

 What does your Vision To Impact Framework look like/include?

Define your company's core values and what we like to call anti-beliefs
Brand Attributes and Personality Archetype
Story Mapping Client Journey and Customer Profiles
Goal Prioritzation in the areas of Revenue, Awareness, and Efficiency
Impact Map

Great question! The VTI Framework is what we believe to be the fundamentals of a brand that matters and profits. There are 4 pillars in the VTI Framework- Vision // Design // Execute // Impact.

During our Vision to Impact Incubator Intensive we tackle the Vision, Design & Execute piece. We craft what we call a Vision Manifesto a week before your intensive.

During the intensive we cover the Design piece of the framework. By design we don't mean creative work. We mean designing a brand plan that will actually help you reverse engineer success in your business.

The Design part includes the following:

Finally we wrap up in the execute phase by implementing the brand plan we've mapped out together!

How can you get a brand, website, and marketing project done in only 2.5 days?

Although this may seem like a tight timeline there are a few reasons that make this possible. 1) We've honed our process so well over the course of several years that we're able to get a lot done in a short period of time.  2) Our VTI™️ framework allows us to go deep so that when we head into the design phase we are better able to make quick and effective design decisions.  3) We conduct this process in an intensive format so that we can focus solely on your business during the days we spend with you. 4) We do prep work in advance so that we are well educated on your brand and your goals which makes the execution phase that much faster and more effective for you! 


Yes, we offer The Vision to Impact™️ Intensive. The Intensive is a 4-hour virtual intensive experience where we can dive into all the strategic aspects of the framework without the branding and web design piece. You can learn more about this experience here. 

How does payment work for the Vision to Impact Incubator?

We require that the intensives be booked a month in advance so that we have time for the pre-intensive part of the process. At the time of booking 30% of the investment is due to book your intensive dates. The remaining amount is due 48 hours before day 1 of your intensive.


During the pre-intensive phase you will be introduced to the team that will be working on your project. Our founder and lead brand strategist, Danait Berhe will be  leading your project through the framework. She  will also act as Creative Director  to make sure that your vision is carried throughout the visual branding and website.  Other members of our team will also be  assigned to your project based on the scope and Incubator package you've selected. 


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