It's time to stop being your industry's best kept secret. 

You have a big, bold vision for your brand, and you may be doing a decent job of communicating what you do and how you do it, but find that you're unable to take their business to the next level. 


You know you have the skills, expertise, and message in your soul that will impact people in big ways- you just need help packaging that message and expertise into a brand and messaging plan that actually gets results. 

This is where I come in.  Your brand is here to tell one story + one message in a way that is compelling, positions you as the expert, and sets your business up for multiple 6 figures and beyond. 

It's time to package your message and expertise into a plan that will explode your INFLUENCE, impact and income! 

A full-day immersive messaging and positioning intensive where we work through my c4 Method framework.  You'll walk away with a clearly defined brand and messaging plan that will positon you as the expert and your brand for next-level results

Make your mark™️


You and I will spend a full day together immersed in my signature c4 Method that will help you explode your impact and income. We'll work together to come up with a messaging and positioning strategy that will have you booking the right clients consistently in your business. 

the c4 method


We'll start at the core of what gets results and tackle your long-term vision and create a Vision Manifesto, we'll drill down into the core message and story your brand is consistently telling, and determine the values and pillars your brand will operate by. 


Next, we dive into your target clients, who they are, what they want, and their specific journey through your brand. We will make sure your brand is positioned to serve them well because we will be orienting your brand around who you serve and how. 


Then, we'll tackle your messaging and how you'll deliver that message to the people who need it. We'll cover things like your brand's promise, positioning, and communication strategy so that you are saying things in a way that compels people to action! 


Last but not least, we will dive into how you will actually convert people based on this messaging and positioning strategy. We will craft a marketing method strategy specific to your business and create a content map based on the customer journey we defined in the clients stage of the process. 

what you get

A full-day immersive workshop style experience where you and I will dig deep into building a brand plan that will actually get you results

Vision Manifest document that will outline your vision for your brand over the next 3 years in the areas of Culture + Team, Offers, Marketing Methods, and Impact. 

Fully fleshed out target client map including their demographics, psychographics, and sociographics so that when you share your message your ideal clients are saying "how is she in my head?" 


Investment- $5000

Detailed customer journey map so that you know how your clients are moving through your world so that you can communicate the right thing at the right time to them. 

In-depth communication strategy  that highlights  your brand positioning, how your brand will communicate, and the message you will share so that you you connect with the right people 

A detailed marketing map that is based on your client journey so that you know what you need to say, when, and where to attract the perfect clients who want the transformation you provide.  

Holy. Sh**. I just watched the entire video tutorial on how to use what you created and I feel a stirring in my loins LOL! Seriously watching this I feel like those moments when you are climbing on a rollercoaster and you're terrified but so excited and you know what's coming. This is AMAZING! I know I will hit moments of uncertainty or have questions but this makes me feel like I can really do this and learn to do it again and again for myself. THANK YOU SO MUCH!