Does your brand pass the Impact-O-Meter test? 

Most people think having an impact is when you have millions of followers, your name is mentioned in history books, and you're being touted all over the world as a game-changer.

However, impact is usually much more subtle than that. 

It's in the way you make people feel when sell your services, it's in the way your team feels cared for because of how you interact with them, it's in the results and transformations you bring your clients.  

This type of impact is usually what has the biggest ripple effect. However, this type of impact doesn't come easy. It takes a great deal of intentional design to make sure that your brand is creating that type of impact in the world. 

Ok so there isn't really an impact-o-meter out there to measure how well your business is impacting the people it's meant to, but there is a way to make sure that it does. 

A 75-minute deep-dive session where I walk you through my 12-point comprehensive brand analysis. You will walk away with a clear action plan with steps on how to turn those idealistic ideas and dreams about how your brand will show up in the world into a tangible part of your business. This is for you if you aren't sure where to get started with your branding process and need a push in the right direction! 


imapct anatomy™️


Once you fill out your questionnaire,  I will spend time taking a deep dive into the 5 C's of my signature impact[anatomy]™️ framework, going through my 12 point brand analysis, and compiling that into a document that will give you the jumping off point to course correct and get your messaging and sales back on track. 


We'll start at the core of what gets results and we'll tackle your long-term vision and create a Vision Manifesto, we'll drill down into the core message and story your brand is consistently telling, and determine the values and pillars your brand will operate by. 


Next, we dive into your target clients, who they are, what they want, and their specific journey through your brand. We will make sure your brand is positioned to serve them well because we will be orienting your brand around who you serve and how. 


Then, we'll tackle your messaging and how you'll deliver that message to the people who need it. We'll cover things like your brand's promise, positioning, and communication strategy so that you are saying things in a way that compels people to action! 


Last but not least, I'll dive into your visual brand and make sure that it is aligned with the type of brand you want to build. 


After communication we will dive into how you will actually convert people based on this messaging and positioning strategy. We will craft a marketing method strategy specific to your business and create a content map based on the customer journey we defined in the clients stage of the process. 


You'll start off with my Impact Map Assessment. You'll spend some time answering questions about your brand and where you're headed. 

From there I will put together a detailed brand audit that is custom made for your business. I take your brand through my 5 C's and 12-point assessment so you get a crystal clear idea of what needs to happen next to take your brand to the place you envision it to be. 

We'll hop on a 75-minute deep-dive session where I will walk you through your custom brand[anatomy]™️ dossier so that you are clear on what action steps to take next. You'll also receive the call recording and your brand[anatomy]™️ dossier after the call.  


Investment- $995

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