February 27, 2020

Date Your Money, Love Your Money, Own Your Money with Nicole Iacovoni

Let’s talk about all things money! The topic of money comes up a lot and not often enough in the entrepreneurial space. Usually, when we are talking about money it’s in the context of make a zillion dollars in one day or scaling or hiring. We usually aren’t talking about the psychology of money and how that influences our behaviors. In today’s episode, I deep dive with guest Nicole Iacovoni, a financial therapist, into this topic.

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Nicole talks about money in such a loving way and really encourages us to build up a healthy relationship with our money just like we would a spouse or friend. We get into things like

  • Nicole’s story about her money journey
  • The difference between financial coaches and financial therapists
  • Human psychology and how that affects our behavior when it comes to money
  • How to look at your relationship to money like you do the human ones in your life
  • My own struggles with money in my business
  • How to have regular money dates and how they can help you make more money and keep more of your money

This episode is jam-packed with so many gems and I can’t wait for you to dive in!


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