To be the go-to expert in your industry, you need to do more than grab your dream client’s attention. You need to turn that attention into a relationship.

You know that building authentic, trustworthy relationships is the key to selling out your impact-making offers because you're not new to this. 

You've already seen some success in your business and have helped people get some amazing results, but you're ready to serve more people.

And more importantly, you're ready to skyrocket your income, impact, and step into the role of thought leader in your space.

And ultimately turn that relationship into action (by way of a sale).

But, you're tired of...

❌ Jumping on all the latest trends - especially when they don’t feel aligned with how you like to do business. 

❌Using sales tactics that don’t feel good and emotionally trigger people into a sale. 

❌ Sounding like everyone else and feeling like you’re just adding to the noise instead of contributing something unique 

❌ Creating content and only getting crickets in response, leaving you wondering if your message is actually connecting with people  

❌ Feeling like a hidden gem and not knowing how to position yourself as a thought leader in your industry so that you can work with the clients you dream of and land the opportunities you desire 

Friend, what if it didn't have to be this way?

✨ Your brand message magnetically draws the RIGHT people into your world (the kind who are excited to work with you)

✨ You created potent content that had people sliding into your DMs excited and ready to hand you their money (and all without you having to be on the social media hamster wheel)

✨ You clearly and effectively articulated the value of what you do and your differentiating genius that positions you as the go-to expert in your space

✨ You have an empathy-driven sales process that helps you to qualify the best right-fit people into your offers in a feel-good way 

✨ You became a thought leader in your industry without needing to be anyone else but yourself (and effortlessly booking your dream opportunities as a result) 

I want you to dream with me for a bit. Step into the possibilities of what your life and business could be like if....

If your answer is that your life and business would be radically different (in a good way)

Then you're in the right place!

Hey there!

Of seeing impact-making entrepreneurs get lost in the noise.

I’m tired of seeing them not have their big, bold message make the impact it should.

 I’m tired of seeing them give up entirely because they’re done with trying so hard yet seeing so little in the results department.  

I’ve spent the last 10+ years studying why people pay attention, how they make buying decisions, and how to effectively articulate what you do so that your right-fit people just “get-it”. This research was fueled by my own desperation to get off the feast-and-famine roller coaster. 

What I learned has transformed my business and the businesses of the hundreds of entrepreneurs I’ve worked with. 

As entrepreneurs, one of our biggest jobs is to be able to effectively communicate what we do and why that matters, especially now….

I'm Danait & I'm tired...

Because the truth is the way we sell is drastically SHIFTING. 

The old ways of posting and getting tons of engagement, running ads and making 10x your investment, and using emotionally charged sales-psychology to sell are no longer working. 

The market has become more sophisticated and people want to feel like your message is meant specifically for them and solves their specific problem. 

So if you can’t tell me who you are, what problem you solve, the unique way you solve that problem, and why you do it better than anyone else in a way that “clicks” for your dream clients then you’re leaving a lot of money & impact on the table my friend.

Which is why I created....

Ignite is a comprehensive 12-month positioning and sales incubator for coaches, consultants, and service providers who want to learn how to effectively articulate the value of what they do, consistently connect with the right clients and build an empathy-driven sales ecosystem around one Powerhouse Offer that just works.  


This work will impact my business and brand for years to come. Based on our work together, I've been able to make rapid changes across the brand.

My brand is much clearer now, and people are connecting with it in a way I've never experienced before, leading to growth across the board. All of which I expect will help support connecting with new people, and hopefully in the enrolment in upcoming masterminds. Plus, since we worked together, one of the content ideas that came out of our work together has been my highest performing pieces of content on Instagram ever. More comments, 2x the number of likes and shares than any other post. This was an amazing experience!


maggie patterson, small business boss

Hear what others had to say

Ignite was created to help you 

✅ Develop potent messaging that clearly articulates the value of what you do and has your audience asking you how they can work with you because it feels like “you’re in their head”

✅ Get in front of MORE of the RIGHT people consistently (without doing things you don’t want to)

✅ Develop a sales process that feels good for you and your audience

✅ Be recognized as a thought leader in your industry 

As a Founding Member of Ignite, you’ll get access to all the following

So what's included in the Founder's Round?

12 month access to The Ignite curriculum

11 modules of a comprehensive positioning & sales training delivered live over 13 weeks

Immediate access to Vision & Intention setting training& 1:1 call

You'll get access to the Vision & Intention Module along with access to book your 1:1 onboarding call with me to help set the vision, intention, and goals of the next 12 months 

1:1 Milestone calls

As you work through the phases,  you’ll unlock 1:1 milestone calls where we can work on your messaging, positioning, content or launch strategy together

bi-weekly hot seat calls

Biweekly calls where you can ask specific questions and get answers to your most pressing questions in the moment

materials review

You can submit the things you’re working on for review such as sales page copy, content, or even offer and curriculum structure 

templates & tools

Templates and tools to help make content, copy, and sales easier 

accessible content

Transcriptions of all the trainings as well as a private podcast feed so you can listen on the go


Will I actually see RESULTS?

"She helped me increase my launch by 266%. I really honed in on the messaging and the next launch of my membership that I had, I had 22 people join."

Amanda 3.5x her launch results without needing to add any tactics, new platforms, or creating more content. In fact she did less to achieve these results!

Beta program participant

"So year to date about $75,000 in revenue from the program that I worked on with Danait last year when we launched the program. I know we did about $20,000 in the first month or two. So in a year and a few months since we worked on the messaging, it's brought in about six figures in revenue. 

I personally don't believe in attributing like a 100% success to any one source..., but I am very confident that the marketing we've been doing for the program has been a lot clearer, people are buying faster, they're converting faster because they understand what they are getting."

Beta program participant

"Ignite is the vehicle to a new (feel-good) way of marketing and selling! One-size-fits all business strategies, tactics and hacks just don't cut it anymore in the online business space and tend to be surface-level remedies to much bigger problems/gaps.

I've taken ooodles of branding, marketing, and sales programs and courses in the past...all of them leaving me feeling like I have to shoehorn myself into a box that doesn't honour my natural style or energy flow.

The level of depth in this program is unparalleled - I've NEVER learned about communication, marketing and sales in this way before! Danait helps you understand the WHY to the WHAT and HOW in sales and marketing, which has landed for me in such a more impactful way.

FINALLY, marketing feels FUN and ick-free! I feel so much more empowered as a business owner and my level of confidence in how I show up online has skyrocketed (a MAJOR win for this introverted entrepreneur!)

If you're ready to bust loose from tired, restrictive, inauthentic marketing strategies that fall flat, you're gonna want IN on the Ignite program!"

"The level of depth in this program is unparalleled - I've NEVER learned about communication, marketing and sales in this way before!"

ashley de filippis, business alignment coach

There are so many programs out there, what makes Ignite DIFFERENT?

Beta program participant

But can I really make consistent sales without having to be on #allthethings?

YES! I know in the online business industry we’re told a lot of things we need to be doing or should be doing, but I don’t prescribe to that belief at all. I’ve built a business that supports me and my life without having to do all the things or be all the places. How? By being able to clearly articulate the value of what I do, effectively share why it should matter to my audience, and share my message in a way that gets them to take action. 

This is exactly what I teach you to do inside Ignite! 

Plus because I believe in this program so much, you have 7-days to get your money back no questions asked. 

If you dive in and realize this isn't the program for you, no worries at all. Just let me know and I'll refund you no questions asked!

money back guarantee

In this phase, you'll

  • Learn the 5 elements of decision-making and discover the #1 thing your messaging needs to incorporate

  • Learn how are sales psychology & Decision Psychology are different
  • Understand why you should think in terms of creating a movement for your brand and how to create a Purpose-Movement Statement

  • Clarify what your Messaging Angles are and then define your 5 big ideas

  • Learn how to solidify your Brand Identity so that you're starting to craft a unique-to-you position in the marketplace

phase 1: unearthing your magnetic message

modules 1-4

In this phase, you'll

  • Learn the Decision Journey your audience goes through before they buy

  • Define and develop your unique Philosophy that will act as the basis for your positioning in the marketplace 

  •  Develop your Powerhouse Offer and the messaging strategy to sell this offer consistently 

  • Develop your Thought Leadership Content Strategy 

phase 2: developing your potent positioning

modules 5-9

In this phase, you'll learn

  • The 5 elements of decision-making
  • The #1 thing your messaging needs to incorporate
  • How are sales psychology & decision psychology different 
  • Why you should think in terms of creating a movement for your brand and how to create a purpose-movement statement
  • Why having strong values is a key messaging strategy
  • What your messaging angles are and then define your 5 big ideas
  • How to solidify your brand identity so that you're starting to craft a unique-to-you position in the marketplace

phase 1: unearthing your magnetic message

modules 1-4

In this phase, you'll 

  • Map out your feel-good content marketing strategy

  • Create your empathy-driven sales ecosystem

  • Learn the 8 pieces of launch content you need to have to move your audience through the buyer's journey

  • Plan and execute your first launch of your Powerhouse Offer

  • Understand what metrics and data to track in order to figure out if your messaging is working or not 

phase 3: executing with intention

modules 10-11

Here's a sneak peek into the program. WE'LL work through 3 phases over the course of the program

It will take you about 3-8 months to make it through all the content and implement based on your capacity, time, and season of business you're in. The Intention is that you launch 2-3 times during the program and have the 1:1 support to do that. 

so what exactly will we cover?

weekly live training

Live trainings delivered over first 13 weeks of the program

program structure & schedule

biweekly hot seat calls

Biweekly calls where you can ask specific questions and get answers to your most pressing questions in the moment

Built in Breaks

2 weeks off in december & april and the entire month of august off

I believe in taking time off to rest and recharge so we built them into the program. This means that you can either use the time to rest and recharge or use it to catch up on things and implement! 

Quarterly Planning Sessions 

Quarterly planning sessions in March, June, September, and December to map out your next season in a way that honors you and helps you achieve your goals

founding round

mondays at 1 pm est

thursdays at 1 pm est

✅  Live Delivery of the Ignite Curriculum (first 13 weeks of the program) 

✅ 1:1 Onboarding Call to help set you up for success 

✅ 1:1 Milestone Calls to support you as you implement the curriculum

✅ Biweekly hot seat calls to get answers to your most pressing questions

✅ Templates and tools to help you take action faster and support you as you learn and implement 

✅ A community of people who are on the same journey 

✅ Accessible content to learn how you learn best


12 monthly payments of 

As a founding member, you get the most 1:1 support this program will ever have at the lowest price it will ever be. 

the investment

✅ Live Delivery of the Ignite Curriculum (first 13 weeks of the program) 

✅ 1:1 Onboarding Call to help set you up for success 

✅ 1:1 Milestone Calls to support you as you implement the curriculum

✅ Biweekly hot seat calls to get answers to your most pressing questions

✅ Templates and tools to help you take action faster and support you as you learn and implement 

✅ A community of people who are on the same journey 

✅ Accessible content so you learn how you learn best


1 time payment of 

APPLY for Ignite

APPLY for Ignite

Hear what others had to say

Beta program participant

Hey there!

And I believe the market isn’t actually saturated, but the messaging is. 

Here’s the thing, people have been saying the market is saturated since I started my business 5 years ago and I have a feeling they’ll continue to say that. 

But I believe it’s still possible to get in front of the right people, be seen as the expert in your industry, and sell your offers with ease all without jumping on the latest marketing tactic, spending money on ads, or selling your soul to become popular.

With over a decade of experience in marketing and sales, the last 5 years I’ve spent building an agency & team, plus working with 80+ clients and teaching thousands more, I know a thing or two about effective communication that connects & sells. 

I'm here to help you craft messaging that positions you as the only option for your dream clients & content so potent that the sales come pouring in with ease. 

I'd be honored to support you in Ignite.  Let's do it, friend!

I'm Danait Berhe

 It’s time to stop being your industry’s BEST-KEPT SECRET & build a bingeworthy brand that consistently GETS YOU PAID


Great question! The program is 12 months for a couple of reasons:

1. Getting clear on your message, positioning yourself, and creating an empathy driven sales ecosystem takes time. I know in the online space, we're taught to believe that success happens at the speed of light, but that is not true. These things take time to lay the foundations, implement, test and tweak. This program goes deep into decision psychology, building your thought leadership and sales. I want to support you through the process of building that. 

2. Everyone learns and works at different paces. Some people have the capacity to work more quickly because of how their life, business, or team is set up while others aren't able to do that for those same reasons. I wanted to give ample time for everyone to learn and implement at the pace that best serves you. 

3.  Life happens. I've been in year long programs where I needed to slow down because life was happening and I was always so grateful to have the option to not power through and dive back in when my life allowed.

However, I want to point out that this program is designed for you to take action. This isn't a program you can buy and then not show up to do the work. I am really committed to people getting results and walking away with the skills I promise to teach so I'll definitely lovingly kick you into gear if I see that you're not implementing. 






Yes, ABSOLUTELY! I intentionally designed this program in order to be able to provide you with 1:1 support. As you work through the content and program materials you'll unlock 1:1 calls where you get my brain on your business! I know the topics we cover are immersive and I want to be able to get in the trenches with you and strategize 1:1. 

This Founders Round is also capped at 16 people. 


This is a great question! I think there are 3 things you should know about me.

1. I don’t believe in one size fits all strategies, so I don’t teach hacks and tactics. Instead, I teach you how to think about your messaging (the skill of messaging). This means that once you understand how & why messaging works, you can literally make a success out of any business (bold claim, I know, but I mean it). Basically, I don’t just give you the fish, I teach you how to go out there and catch 'em!

2. I’m not a “I know everything” marketer. I am on the same journey of mastering my craft, building a life I love, and serving amazing people along the way as you are.  I always welcome your thoughts, questions, and even differing ideas.

3. I believe you know your business and yourself best, and so my expertise, advice, and strategies will always lead from that place. 


Investing in your self and your business is a big-deal, so I get it. Making a commitment like this can be scary and intimidating. I also want to honor that you know what your financial situation is like. 

However, if you're really struggling to get to the next level in your business and you know that solidifying your messaging, positioning, and sales ecosystem would make a massive difference, then I'd like you to consider what it would cost you to not solve that problem now? 

I can't guarantee that you'll make $X amount by going through this program (and you should run from any coach that does), but what I can promise is that you'll walk away with the skills to be able to articulate the value of what you do so that you can create an empathy driven sales ecosystem that sells on repeat. 


Once you apply, if you're a good fit for the program and I feel like you'd be able to make your investment back within the course of the program, you'll get an invitation to sign up. Once you sign up you'll get access to the course platform and the Intention and Vision Module instantly!

If, based on your application, I am not sure about your ability to make your money back as part of this program, you'll be invited to schedule a chat so I can get a better understanding of if I'll be able to help you. 


Ready to build the Empathy-Driven Sales Ecosystem that will help you find, connect with and convert your dreamiest clients on your terms?


oh, and

one more thing

I value and honor ALL humans. I am committed to building a diverse, inclusive, anti-racist, and equitable company.

I believe that my calling is to love and serve all people regardless of race, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, or religion. My goal is always to make each and every person feel seen, heard, respected and able to be fully themselves when working with me.

If you don't agree with any of the above statements, we probably aren't a great fit for each other. But, if this sounds in line with your values then we're made for each other friend! 

* The clients depicted in the testimonials have declared the information shared is true and accurate. By sharing their testimonials, I am not taking 100% credit for their success.  They are resourceful, talented, and they put in the work to see these results. 

I have done my best to accurately reflect this program, the results possible, and the philosophy behind it. However, each and every business and business owner is different, so the results each person will get will vary based on the time they devote to the program, ideas and techniques mentioned, their finances, knowledge, the brand they have established, the resources they have available, and various skills. 

This program is not a "get rich quick" process or scheme.  I will show up and teach you everything I know about messaging, positioning, and sales and support you as you implement. However, you will need to dedicate time to learning, mastering, and implementing the skills presented in the program.

You agree and understand that I cannot predict or guarantee your results as part of this program. You understand that each person's results are based on many factors, including but not limited to their market, the actions they take, their desire, and their motivation.