We believe that building a transformative brand is like throwing a rock into a lake. The rock stands for who you are, how you do it differently, and the impact you're out to make. The ripple effect of that rock hitting the lake are represented in the way your brand shows up through intentional touch points, platforms, and digital experiences. 

This is what we are all about. Helping you create the foundation of your brand from ideation to naming to determining your mission and core values or in other words the "rock" and then helping you carry that throghout your entire brand experience in a way that creates an unforgettable ripple effect. 



We offer a number of services that support our holistic approach to branding that allows us to serve our clients at the highest level possible. 

Brand Strategy is the core from which everything else hinges in your business. We walk through a comprehensive brand strategy process that includes our Rock & Ripple process where we identify why your brand exists & how your brand can be positioned to disrupt within your industry. We help you work from the inside out on your brand strategy so you're building a business that is  built to impact and last. 

We take everything in your brand strategy and turn it into a custom visual identity that is beautiful, rooted in your goals and vision, and captivates the people you want to serve most. You'll walk away with a cohesive set of visuals including but not limited to logomarks, typography, iconography, brand guidelines, and packaging. 

Launching a new service, product or business? The Asmara Agency partners with you to generate exciting ideas and multi-channel marketing campaigns. We aren't interested in copy and pasting campaigns, but in fresh ideas rooted deeply in the psychographics and desires of your ideal audience. 

This is an area in which innovation is a cornerstone of the process. We help you create a website that is both user & conversion focused. We believe great design begins with research and strategy which is how our design and development projects begin. Then we take you from ideation to a full blown custom developed website that will help you meaningfully engage with potential clients and also support your bottom line. If you're wanting to take it a step further, we can even develop interactive websites that change structure and flow based on who is visiting the site so that they have a more personalized experience that serves them best. It's like building an extension of your team that never sleeps!

The Asmara Agency team believes in a holistic approach to branding and the visual element of photography and video is a large part of that process. We provide creative direction and execution of photography and videography for your brand, website, or campaign. 

Danait berhe


Danait started her first profitable business with employees in the 6th grade selling custom-made bookmarks to her school friends. She carried that love of business with her throughout high school, college, and beyond  by working her way through the ranks of a few multi-millon dollar companies where she gained over 7 years of experience in design, marketing, and sales psychology.

Although design and business were her first loves, Danait went on to get a B.S. in Biochemistry (with minors in Accounting & Psychology) fully intending to go to medical school. After graduation, she quickly realized that the employment world was not for her and opened the doors to her boutique branding and marketing studio, The Asmara Agency, based in Buffalo, NY. Her unique blend of experience in analytical research, marketing, and design allow her to bring fresh perspectives to her clients that get results. 

Passionate about using entrepreneurship as a way to be the change, she is usually working on better ways to build socially conscious brands that help us be and do better. When she’s not designing & strategizing, Danait is hugging her dog too tight, exploring Buffalo with her husband, and wondering what the appropriate number of times to have pizza and wine in a week is (the answer is 7).

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