I'm here to shake up the world. Are you?

My approach is to create a ripple effect. I believe that building a transformative brand is like throwing a rock into a lake. The rock stands for who you are, how you do it differently, and the impact you're out to make. The ripple effect of that rock hitting the lake is represented in the way your brand shows up through intentional touch points, platforms, digital experiences, and more importantly how you change the lives of those you help. 

This is what I'm all about. Helping you create the foundation of your brand from ideation to naming to determining your mission and core values or in other words the "rock" and then helping you carry that throughout your entire brand experience in a way that creates an unforgettable ripple effect. 

our core values ↓

These are the things that drive my business and my work. I am passionate about helping you build a business that not only survives but thrives within your space. A business that allows you to dive in and also step away when you need to. A business that allows you to serve people and create change that you're meant to in this world. A business that allows you to stand out as the expert.



We believe that generosity is the way the way forward. We strive to be generous with our time, gifts, and finances. We also take a percentage of our yearly revenue and re-invest it back into causes and small women-owned businesses.

More specifically INNOVATION THROUGH ITERATION. We fiercely believe that innovation doesn't just happen. Innovation happens as a result of iteration. The process of consistently refining something results in the birth of new ideas and new ways of doing things. 

Servant leadership means that we lead by rolling up our sleeves and working alongside each other and our clients towards an impactful vision. 

We believe that everything starts with vision and becomes reality through execution. We strongly believe that executing from a place of vision as opposed to just flashy marketing tactics results in the most impactful and meaningful growth.

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meet the 


I started my first profitable business with employees in the 6th grade selling custom-made bookmarks to my school friends. I carried that love of business with me throughout high school, college, and beyond by working my way through the ranks of a few multi-millon dollar companies where I gained over 7 years of experience in design, marketing, and sales psychology.

Although design and business were my first loves, I went on to get a B.S. in Biochemistry (with minors in Accounting & Psychology) fully intending to go to medical school thinking this was the way I would make my dent in the universe. In the meantime, I was using my skills in the marketing world to  build websites, help people launch and market their businesses, and doing design work on the side. 

After graduation, I quickly realized that the employment world was not for me and I opened the doors to my boutique brand and marketing studio, The Asmara Agency, based in Buffalo, NY. My unique blend of experience in analytical research, marketing, sales psychology and design allowed me to bring fresh perspectives to my clients that get results. 

Passionate about using entrepreneurship as a way to be the change, I am usually working on better ways to build socially conscious brands that help us be and do better. When I'm not designing & crafting messaging strategies, I am snuggling my dog, exploring Buffalo with my husband, and wondering what the appropriate number of times to have pizza and wine in a week is (the answer is 7). 

Danait Berhe-Gaber