February 20, 2020

$650k in Revenue Later & the Path to Impactful + Profitable Brands

Have you ever wondered what makes the brands that are really successful work? I sure did. Two years ago I started to research and dig into these businesses to see what that was. What I found wasn’t the latest and greatest marketing strategies or hacks. What I found was that the businesses that were successful had 4 things in common. Those 4 things they had in common are the basis for my Vision to Impact Method.

In this episode I do a deep dive into 4 pillars that create strong and sustainable businesses. These pillars have nothing to do with a specific type of business model or marketing strategy. These pillars are what allow you to build a profitable and impactful business on your terms. We dive into:

  • What should be at the core of everything you do
  • The #1 thing you need to have in place before you start trying out marketing strategies 
  • How to stay focused only on the things you need to in a world full of get rich quick schemes
  • What having an impact really consists of

I can’t wait to dive into this episode and share all my learnings from the last 2 years of working alongside clients and getting them these results! 

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