June 18, 2019

Building a Business On Your Own Terms with Kate McCarthy

On this episode, I have my lovely friend Kate K. McCarthy on to talk with me about Building a Business On Your Own Terms.  Kate McCarthy is a former non-profit-lifer turned mentor and coach who’s obsessed with helping wholehearted entrepreneurs and creatives build braver brands and businesses, navigate the mess and the magic of the entrepreneurial journey, and really show up – for their businesses, for their people, and, most importantly, for themselves. A self-described fresh air enthusiast and host of A Braver Brand: The Podcast, she lives out in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, Patrick, their two cats, and a puppy named Tonks. 

Kate and I dive into what it really means to build a business on your own terms and what it looks like when thats not the case. We dig into things like:

+ Self awareness

+ Knowing the difference between doing the necessary tasks to build a business and doing tasks that aren’t in alignment

+ How to know when you aren’t doing things you want to be doing

+ The difference between procrastination and avoidance 

I can’t wait for you to dive into this episode and get to know Kate who is such a grounded and whole hearted entrepreneur. 


+ Find Kate:  Website // Instagram // A Braver Brand: The Podcast

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